BATMAN: Living Image

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LIVING IMAGE: a Batman fan series

a 362Studios production

Written and directed by Joe Myers



The project, known by its current working title of LIVING IMAGE, is a fan series set in the world of DC Comics’ DETECTIVE COMICS and BATMAN. This imagining of the mythos centers around Tim Drake, a Gotham University criminalist student and newly-appointed intern with the Gotham City Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit as he and the members of the MCU try to stop psychotic hacker known as The Riddler. All the while, Tim will find himself in the crosshairs of the city’s organized criminal element, political cloak-and-dagger, and come face-to-face with Gotham’s most fearsome secret of all: THE BATMAN.



The idea for LIVING IMAGE came after writer/director Joe Myers, during DC’s “Death of Batman” storyline, read a speech by Dick Grayson, the vigilante known as Nightwing, wherein he described how the citizens of Gotham City either didn’t believe in the Batman or thought of him as a demon, a ghost, a vampire, or something else. In many incarnations and presentations of the character, it is stated that the world at large believes the Batman to be an urban legend, but this side is never presented to the audience in a way for them to truly experience it.

The story itself comes from rumors that once swirled around the production of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the third installment of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy. There was a point where it was believed that the villain of the story would be The Riddler with the emphasis being on his prodigious intellect in the form of his mastery over programming, computers, and cybercrime as a whole. While this was explored in the Arkham series of games by Rocksteady, LIVING IMAGE seeks to capture the sheer terror of someone devoid of compassion and armed with a superiority complex with virtually unlimited power over our modern world. The idea of focusing on the detective elements of the Batman mythos rather than just visually enthralling combat and special effects has been and continues to be the backbone of the LIVING IMAGE project.



To accomplish LIVING IMAGE, a lot of time, effort, and research was put into exploring real-life parallels, in particular the Zodiac Killer, to create a version of the Riddler that would make him a true credible threat. Coupled with the once-rumored comparison of the Riddler to the character Jigsaw from the SAW horror series, LIVING IMAGE’s Riddler will test Tim Drake and the MCU mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

In portraying the Batman, the approach LIVING IMAGE takes is similar to how slasher films and horror movies will barely show the monster in an effort to keep it mysterious, terrifying, and increasing the impact of when it appears. Being that this is how Myers best believes the Batman is viewed by the citizens and denizens of Gotham City, every effort will be taken to ensure the Batman is shown to audiences as the living embodiment of fear and vengeance shrouded by the encroaching darkness of Gotham.



If all goes according to plan, LIVING IMAGE will span five, potentially six episodes, 22 minutes in length, and will tell a complete story within that frame. Using the writer’s guide for the lauded BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, each episode will be a full story in and of itself and follow a complete individual arc. Currently, efforts are being put into a pilot, which will be used to hopefully garner fan support and the necessary resources to complete the project. LIVING IMAGE, to stay within legal guidelines, is a 100% not-for-profit project done out of the sheer love of filmmaking and the DC Universe as a whole.


Thank you for reading and for your interest in “Living Image!”